ZigiMedia is now a trusted ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

Experts from ZigiMedia have been helping businesses with their digital marketing since 2005. Their focus has been, using the internet to increase profitability and growth for their clients.

Toronto, Canada– Experts from ZigiMedia have been helping businesses with their digital marketing since 2005.  Their focus has been, using the internet to increase profitability and growth for their clients.

In order for businesses to remain competitive, digital marketing must be an essential pillar of their modern marketing mix. For many years ZigiMedia has served their customers by helping businesses design sales focussed, user friendly websites made to convert visitors into paying customers.

In the past most online marketing agencies judged their success by the traffic they created. In the modern age of digital marketing this is only half the battle. Once the business’s website is getting visitors by achieving high ranking on Google, the goal is to turn them into qualified leads or paying customers.

ZigiMedia provides many digital services to local businesses, helping them to improve traffic to their site and extend their bottom line. Recently, the company announced that they have become a certified ActiveCampaign consultant giving the company authority and credibility as a reliable provider of powerful online marketing automation services.

Marketing automation services include automated online sales funnels,email marketing, and CRM integration, designed to turn website visitors into valuable customers through hyper targeted email automation.

These services are particularly useful to a company because they allow them to plan and implement an intelligent sales pipeline. Identify and target the best sales opportunities. As well as nurture ’their immature leads into new customers. This ensures a seamless line of communication by all team members throughout the entire sales process.

Marketing Automation provides all the data required to pinpoint your exact strengths and weaknesses within both Sales and Marketing  By automating this process companies are able to increase efficiency, accelerate the sales cycle and determine any flaws or weak spots in their process.

As a ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant ZigiMedia helps companies that find themselves bogged down by technology and modern methods. This allows business owners to step away from things like email campaigns and online marketing, while still implementing the key strategies which increase profit.

“Because digital marketing is becoming essential to companies large and small, it’s become more important for companies to stand out in the crowd,” remarks Joey Abenstein, a Co-Founder of the company. “While ZigiMedia provides all the traditional types of digital services to generate leads and traffic, we wanted to see if we could advance beyond what most others offer their customers to provide tangible results. Our ActiveCampaign marketing automation services fit right in and it’s something that many other digital marketing companies simply don’t offer.”

ZigiMedia offers a variety of digital marketing and traffic generation services that help large and small businesses to connect with their customer base and generate more and better qualified leads that result in a growing bottom line.

The company is now a trusted ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant with a focus to help businesses automate many of their time consuming tasks, allowing them to spend more time growing their business.

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ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

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