So your upsell isn’t converting as well as you’d like, eh?

And it feels like no matter how many tweaks you make to your upsell sales page, you’re not quickly hitting your conversion rate goal.

The GOOD news is, we bet you haven’t tried our strategy to increase your customer average transaction value.

The BAD News is that we’re about to give you some extra work to do.

It all starts by sending a customized upsell email sequence to your buyer email list.

Don’t know how many emails to send in your upsell sequence?

Not sure what to write in each email?

If you don’t already have a Digital Agency specializing in email automation on your team, then keep reading…

Here’s our proven 5-part upsell email sequence carefully engineered to lead your customers into purchasing your upsell.

Email 1: Order Confirmation

Let’s start with some #truths.

Generally, you can expect that two out of every ten buyers will purchase your upsell.

And the time that they are most likely to buy is fresh after their first purchase.

So just because they didn’t click ‘add to cart’ on your upsell sales page, all is not lost. You get a second chance to recoup new buyers and encourage them to purchase your upsell in this very first “Thank You” email in your upsell series.

Here are the goals of your “Thank You” email:
Confirm the purchase
Make your next offer

Yet the second goal of making the next offer is where most fall flat.

Many companies we work come to us with a measly 1 part email sequence that simply confirms the order. No mention of the upsell. Not even a link to click on.

Here is an example of how the company, Sigma Beauty, includes links to the upsell in the very first “order confirmation” email…

Did you catch that? See it doesn’t have to be done in an intrusive way. You can get creative on how you can weave it in your email in a way that is discrete, genuine and not in your client’s face.

Email 2: Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse (and returns)

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make is that they don’t continue to nurture their new customers. Their customers continue to hear radio silence until it is time for the next promotion.

Don’t make the same mistake. Just because your customers have purchased from you, it doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of them. You still have to continue to earn their trust and remind them that they made the right choice in buying from you.

The goals of your second email are to:
Reduce returns
Encourage buyers to use the product
Provide Value

The most effective way to accomplish all of the above is to pick out a feature of your product and explain how to use it step-by-step. When buyers actually use your product or apply the steps from your course, you dramatically reduce the rate of returns.

And if you have a testimonial about how someone else has used that specific feature, include it in the email. You don’t ever want to stop providing social proof to remind buyers that other people are satisfied with your products.

Email 3: Time-Limited Offer

By this point, your prospect’s interest in your upsell has declined. To re-engage their interest, you will now want to make a time-limited special offer for your upsell.

There are many ways to add time scarcity to offers. Yet scarcity is a difficult thing to master. Because there are too many companies using false deadlines and arbitrary numbers of the “limited quantities in stock” that most of your customers have been trained to ignore scarcity.

Offering pricing discounts for a “limited time” is not always the best strategy. Discounts can sometimes reduce the perceived value of your upsell and make it difficult to sell at regular price down the road. If you want to know which strategy is right for your offer, we’d have to look at your business as a whole. Contact us for a free 30-minute strategy session and we’d love to share our thoughts.

An alternative and an effective time-limited offer is to throw in a high-value free bonus with any purchase of your upsell for a 48-hour time limit.

Email 4: Offer Expiry Reminder

In your next email, it’s time to remind your buyer about the offer expiring. If you have testimonials about other clients using that bonus, great, add them in this email.

If you don’t have testimonials to showcase, highlight how the upsell can help them solve their main problem. Or help them solve their main problem faster.

When scheduling your email, make sure you select for it to be sent 12 hour after your previous email in the sequence.

Email 5: You Missed Out

After your offer expires, send an email to let the reader know that they missed out on your special offer. This is so effective because it trains your buyers to trust your scarcity.

Many people see a rather large uptick in traffic to their upsell sales page once this email is sent. Even if they don’t buy right away, they now know to trust your word and will be more attentive the next time you have a campaign on the go.

Need help creating an automated upsell sequence that actually gets results?

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