In the past, when companies used email to communicate with their entire customer base, they would “blast” the same message to their whole mailing list. This uncoordinated marketing approach has led to what is referred to as “Customer Engagement Fatigue”.

Customer Engagement Fatigue simply means that your clients are tuning you out. This is devastating to your company’s bottom line.  In today’s competitive marketplace you must earn your customer’s trust by providing value throughout the sales process. You profit by extending your relationship with your clients.

[blockquote text=”It is extraordinarily important to understand how to overcome Engagement Fatigue through the use of marketing automation to personalize your messages and extend your relationship with your best customers. How much could you increase your sales if you could target your best customers with an ideal message at the perfect time?…


Segment Prospects, Personalize Your Communication

Marketing Automation allows you to separate prospects and customers into specific types and categories, which allow you to establish different lines of communication with each group.

The groups are created based on the actions the visitors have taken (or not taken) on your site and in email communication. This gives you the best opportunity to motivate your clients to act in the most desirable manner for your business.

Trigger-based automations allow you to react to a prospect’s behaviour with a message designed to enhance your relationship.

Delivering targeted content related to the prospect’s interests serves to boost their level of engagement and leads to an increased likelihood of purchase. Increased revenue and higher quality leads are a direct result of connecting marketing to sales on autopilot.

When your customers are not engaged, you are able to provide a message that demonstrates the core value of your offering and increases their level of interest. If they have shown interest, you are able to incentivize further action, and if they are already buying, you are able to encourage them to buy more.


Action-Based Rules and Triggers

Automated marketing allows you to drill down and discover who your best customers are and what they are most interested in. Gaining a complete understanding of each customer type will enable you to nurture more leads into becoming your most coveted customers.

Knowledge of behaviours and interests from your website and email communication provide valuable implications for your business. You have the opportunity to adjust the presentation, tone and fervency of your communication based on where you know your customer is in the sales process.

Most companies know that they get 80% of their business from 20% of their customers, but how do they discover who their best customers are?

Build escalating relationships with your customers by providing them with information that is the most relevant to them in their current place within their buying cycle. Each client or prospect has different needs and should be spoken to in a way that will resonate best with them.

Many business owners are just discovering how to profit with laser targeted content for email campaigns.

While page and link tracking is pretty simple to understand (think Google Analytics), the power of taking that data and making actionable marketing sequences is still new.

The ultimate tool of choice for a growing businesses is ActiveCampaign; objectives and goals are accomplished by leveraging the power of the tool and making it fit within your process

The Power of Specialized Knowledge

As a digital marketing experts, ZigiMedia knows how to implement the best strategies and tactics to automate this process and garner the best possible outcomes for our clients.

The result is: more qualified customers buying more often, and less qualified buyers becoming more prone to purchase.

Once you know who your best customers are and what they are attracted to, you can then continue to provide similar offerings to them, and others that behave similarly, in order to maximize your revenue from more clients.