As an Online business, you likely have a bit of a complicated relationship with technology. You need it to run your business BUT some days it also makes you want to hurl your laptop into a dumpster.

While technology can be a challenge, it can also make our lives a whole lot easier when we learn to leverage it. It’s just a matter of knowing the right online business tools to use!

At ZigiMedia, we spend our days fully immersed in the world of technology as we help our clients strategize, build and grow their online businesses. We’ve taken a lot of tech tools and apps for test drives along the way and have a few favourites to share that will make your business and your life run a whole lot smoother.

We asked our team to share the tried and true apps and tech tools they just can’t live without. Here’s what they had to say:

Elan — ZigiMedia Founder

ChatGPT is the first AI system that has taken the world by storm! While some businesses and corporations have tried to stay away, the fact is that if you don’t jump on board and learn to leverage AI in business, you’ll get left behind. 

The versatility of ChatGPT is unmatched. It can seamlessly integrate with other AI-powered tools and platforms, enhancing marketing strategies across various channels.

Businesses can now streamline repetitive tasks, enhance customer engagement, and uplevel their content creation process. Once you learn how to train and prompt the system, the opportunities become endless!

My Top Picks:

Chat GPT – for streamlining tasks and creative writing prompts

ClickFunnels – for creating high-converting sales funnels.

ActiveCampaign – for creating email marketing campaigns

Andrea — Director of Operations

At ZigiMedia we work well with many WordPress Themes and builders, but our favourite by far is Divi by Elegant Themes — it is really user-friendly, even for non-technical users, and comes with access to detailed documentation and tutorial videos.

Divi theme and builder can be used to create beautiful websites, including implementing a design created in Figma or Adobe XD. And if you don’t happen to have a design to start with, Divi has a library of templates to choose from and be inspired by. Plus, should you run into any trouble while building your website, their support team is easy to reach and super helpful.

Having used the Divi theme since 2016, I can honestly say that investing in Divi for building your website is one of the best decisions you can make.

My Top Picks:

Divi Theme and builder for WordPress – my favorite Website Builder

Google Suite – for staying organized and collaborating 

Zoom – for meeting with clients and coworkers

Vimeo – for video hosting

Amazon S3 for data storage you can access anywhere in the world

Edel — Virtual Assistant  

CapCut has become my essential editing weapon for ZigiMedia, thanks to its winning combination of being lightweight, loaded with free assets, and incredibly user-friendly. From chopping up podcast segments to crafting catchy reels and polishing YouTube videos, CapCut empowers me to tackle any editing task with ease.

The streamlined interface lets me focus on my creativity without getting bogged down by complexity. Plus, the treasure trove of free effects, transitions, and music keeps my content fresh and engaging. It’s the perfect editing partner for creators on the go!

My Top Picks:

CapCut and Wondershare – for Video editing 

Audacity – for Podcast Editing

Kim — Copywriter and Digital Strategist

I don’t consider myself to be all that “techy” but I love how certain apps make my life and job a whole lot easier. I am a touch obsessed with Trello and have been known to make some pretty intense boards to help me stay organized for both work and home. 

From Email Marketing campaigns and Content Calendars to Program and Product launches and my daily to-do list, it’s the first tab I open every day on my laptop.

My Top Picks:

Trello – For organizing both work and home

Google Docs – For every piece of copy I write

iPhone Notes App – Grocery lists, packing lists, and client ideas when I’m on the go

Last Pass – because I forget passwords

Google Calendar – If it’s not in there, it’s not happening. Period.

Alex — Graphic Designer

I love to use Figma when doing UX and UI design. The reason is that it is very easy to use and share amongst teams. I use Figma mostly when I am working with a developer to communicate the design needs on a higher level or when I have to user-test and I need a working prototype quickly. 

When using a visual prototype not as much of the design gets lost in translation. As opposed to the traditional method of pen and paper or having to hover over the developer’s shoulders, it also gives my team more autonomy and creativity.

My Top Picks:

Adobe Illustrator for creating small detailed assets and exporting high-quality images

Canva for quick design mock-ups

Figma for UX and UI design

Anna — Copywriter and Digital Strategist 

I read a lot of articles and blog posts online, and managing them effectively can be a challenge. Often, I don’t have the time to read an entire piece or want to revisit it later for reference. Evernote web clipper is a great solution allowing me to instantly ‘right click’ and save any article for later reading, giving me the flexibility to go through it on my own time. As a bonus tip, I recommend tagging your saved articles with a “to read” label to easily locate them when needed.

My Top Picks: 

Evernote – for saving articles and clipping information
Semrush – From word suggestions to site metrics, I use this for all things SEO.

ClickFunnels – A user-friendly landing page builder which offers a drag-and-drop funnel builder.

Canva Pro – Easy to use graphic design and video content creator for social media and more

Adobe Photoshop – Professional and superior photo editing with great editing features

Tech isn’t just a must-have — it’s your sidekick in the online hustle. Thanks to AI, businesses can streamline tasks, boost customer engagement, and future-proof their content creation approach.

Whether you’re riding the AI wave with ChatGPT or shaping captivating content using tools like CapCut and Canva, these are more than just tools — they’re your secret weapons to accomplish more in less time. They’re here to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother and help your business grow faster!

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