The landscape of digital and online marketing has changed drastically over the past 5 years. Online marketing techniques that were used 5+ years ago to help drive customers to your business simply don’t have the same impact.  Consumers are on the go and using their smartphones for purchasing decisions, price comparisons and localized business lookups more than ever before.

The days of just having a website as your online marketing strategy is long over.

To compete in today’s marketplace your online marketing strategy must be multi-dimensional while taking mobile into serious consideration for your planning and execution.

Below are the 5 most important factors any business must consider to be successful in today’s competitive online marketplace

1. Your Customers Are Mobile

Mobile responsive websites are websites that adjusts to all device sizes.  It’s critical that your customers are able to properly view your website on any sized device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) for easy navigation of your services and products or they’ll simply move on to your competitor.  Customers searching for your business, product or services online are 70% more likely to take action within the hour then someone browsing on a laptop or desktop computer.  Customers are on the go and expect instant access to information, where and when they want it.  Having a mobile optimized responsive website helps increase the likelihood of your customers taking action.

2. Content Is King

Strong relevant content is now the most important factor when Google and other search engines rank your website.  To benefit from traffic through organic search your content must be relevant to the person searching for your products and services.  Google has regularly changed their ranking algorithms but the one constant is always strong content.  Google’s mission is to find the most relevant content for their searchers as quickly as possible.  To be successful businesses must employ multi-dimensional content marketing strategy across mediums, meaning having good website copy is not enough.  A solid content strategy applies to your website content, social media presence, blog strategy and even video marketing to have one cohesive message across mediums.

3. Online Video Is Exploding

Let’s face it, people are lazy and in most cases would rather watch a short video than read a page of content.  With the advancements in technology customers are now able to stream video online to their devices faster than ever before.  Incorporating video into your website and marketing strategy can make a huge difference to the impact of your campaigns.  In fact 81% of business are showcasing their products and services through video online with that number expected to continue to increase. Cartoon explainer videos and professional sales and marketing videos can effectively showcase your message to your target audience quicker and easier than ever before.

4. Facebook Is A Marketing Monster

You are competing for customer’s attention across all media channels.  The average person in North America spends over 4 hours a day on social media. Successful  businesses recognize this and leverage every opportunity possible to get their products, services and messages in their client’s consciousness on Facebook and other social media channels.  Social media advertising allows your targeting to be hyper defined which allows you to reach your exact target market.  The smartest marketers understand this and have the strategies and execution plans to exploit how you can generate more leads and customers through Facebook.

5. Small Businesses Are Starting To Automate Marketing

The automation of your inbound marketing can help exponentially drive more sales to your business. Driving traffic to your website or landing page that simply capture people’s information is not enough.  A strategic follow up system based on consumer behaviour can boost your conversion rates by over 28% and can be the difference to your company’s online success.  A staggering 32% of leads generated on business websites and landing pages are not followed up on in the proper manner.  Creating an entire sales funnel with inbound marketing automation will help your business grow faster.

For your business to succeed in today’s online marketing environment you need to be informed with a plan and roadmap.  The days of putting up a website and expecting business to start rolling in are long gone.  To be successful, you need a strong partner who understands the digital marketing landscape to help guide you past the pitfalls that most small businesses fall into when marketing online.  Let ZigiMedia be your digital marketing partner.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


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