ZigiMedia | Webinar Promotion
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Webinar Promotion


Customers and prospects are invited to learn more about your company and new products in a seminar format from anywhere in the world. Our team has administered countless successful product launches and training webinars over the last 5 years. Showcase your products and services to a global audience and grow your business with our webinar promotion services.


Webinar Consultation

  • Define your target audience and the best method of delivery for your content
  • Create a promotion strategy that appeals to the largest and most appropriate audience
  • Establish baselines and tracking to measure the success of the program


Presentation Creation

  • Determine the primary objectives of your campaign and the best message to achieve optimal results
  • Formulate a sales deck based on proven results for maximum conversion potential
  • Create a proper presentation flow to keep attendees engaged with your presentation


Event Co-ordination

  • Determine the timing, messaging, and frequency for the ramp up to your event
  • Create a engagement strategy that will produce the largest audience
  • Create landing pages and online ads that drive traffic to your event