ZigiMedia | Web Design & Development
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Web Design and Development


Your website is your storefront window to the world. Having a well designed mobile friendly website is essential for the success of any business in today’s competitive market. Everyone knows the power of a first impression, let us help you make your online presence impactful and everlasting with our web design and development services.


Website Design

  • Initial audit to determine the state of your current online presence
  • Create a new designed website or tweak and adjust your current site to increase overall conversions
  • Measure the overall impact to maximize sales and conversions


E-commerce Development

  • Recognize the opportunity to sell your products or services outside of your geographical area
  • Convert your company website into an environment for commerce
  • Leverage buying signals into action through behaviour customer analysis

Custom Web Development

  • Determine needs and objectives to ensure an up to date custom programmed website.
  • Plan and implement a highly effective strategy for the layout and visitor flow of your site
  • Track and measure the overall impact of your project to find improvements and efficiencies


Mobile Ready

  • Mobile optimization is essential as more than half your website traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Responsive design layouts and easy navigation will improve your user experience
  • Take advantage of an action oriented mobile customers can capture new business