ZigiMedia | Video Marketing Services
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Video Marketing Services


Video marketing has become essential to a comprehensive digital strategy. We create engaging and professionally produced video marketing services to help showcase your business online. Video is an excellent medium to quickly and accurately establish a lasting impression about your core benefits to your prospects and customers.


Online Video Distribution

  • Distribute your video content across multiple channel
  • Easily searchable. Videos get indexed independently and we are able to link them your website
  • By producing valuable video content you are able to reach 2nd or 3rd tier prospects easier


Sales & Marketing Videos

  • Era of instant gratification, video provides your audience with information with little effort
  • Professionally showcase your services and products through video
  • Leverage the information gained to create stronger and more targeted campaigns


Company Explainer Videos

  • Video or cartoon animations that explain and simplify your product to your target audience
  • Video campaigns can remain relevant and fresh longer than other online content
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of your video to see what impact it has on your sales