ZigiMedia | Search & Display Advertising
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Google & Facebook Advertising


Target the most profitable advertising opportunities that resonate well for your business with managed Google and Facebook advertising giving you higher click through rates, email opt-ins and higher website visitor engagement. The scope of Search and online advertising spend has expanded to incorporate many outlets outside of Google. Ad retargeting gives the highest ROI possible on your ad spend by targeting highly qualified website visitors with your advertisements on Google, Facebook and other ad networks.


Target Popular Keywords

  • Have immediate impact on your overall advertising exposure
  • Extend your reach by increasing visibility of your brand as an authority within your industry
  • Smarter targeting enables you to get in front of your target audience and generate warm leads quickly


Maximum Search & Display Advertising ROI

  • Find strategic keyword opportunities that give you the largest audience for the least amount of money
  • Reduces your cost per acquisition by advertising on the most relevant ad networks
  • Create custom audiences for highly targeted ad campaigns


Gain Insight For Other Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Analysis of your PPC trends provides insight for the best opportunities for other marketing strategies
  • Use geo-targeting to understand where your best customers are and how to reach them
  • Create baseline analytics and reports to help improve performance and ad spend.