ZigiMedia | Product Launches
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Product Launches


Turn your product idea into a reality with a team who knows what it takes to effectively manage your product launches. Create and define the position of your new product within the overall scope of your business. Determine the target buyer persona and how to best meet their needs. Create the appropriate channels to be discovered online through landing pages,blogs and review sites. Create a clear and concise explanation of your product through videos webpages and infographics and webinar presentations.


Launch Planning & Strategies

  • Define target audience, core value proposition and most appropriate message
  • Determine the best channels to reach the greatest number of prospects for your product launch
  • Discover joint venture and affiliate opportunities to enhance future growth


Execution Plans

  • Determine the best mediums for your product launch
  • Creation of complete sales funnel to maximize upsells and revenue
  • Integration into your marketing mix to improve overall performance of your product launch


On-Going Organic Growth

  • Refinement of funnels and offer for maximum revenue opportunities
  • Combine multiple elements of digital marketing for more effective lead nurturing
  • On-going analytics and reporting to keep track of baseline metrics and goal completions