ZigiMedia | Email Marketing Services
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Email Marketing Services


Identify new opportunities by growing, engaging and segmenting your email marketing list. Our Email Marketing Services will increase open and click through rates which will change follow up’s to follow throughs. Multiphase email marketing sequences get great results when crafted by a team of experts.


Managed Email Marketing Services

  • Connect and engage with your customers more easily
  • Increase engagement for follow up business or purchases
  • Grow a loyal following of your brand by providing value to your existing customer list


Strategic Services

  • List growing strategy services
  • Automate email sequences with specific action based rules.
  • Create different sequences for different customer types or even prospects
  • Discover and leverage strategic frequency, layout and message for your email campaign.


Compliance & Monitoring

  • The law regarding email regulation has evolved.
  • Increased importance must be given to adhering to industry email standards
  • Strict industry compliance


Analytics & Reports

  • A/B testing and internal review is the best way to improve and optimize you email marketing
  • We track and audit customer behaviours to maximize opportunities
  • Regular reports and recommendations to improve your results