ZigiMedia | Brand Development & Strategy
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Brand Development & Strategy


Launch your new brand or rebrand your existing business. Creative conceptualization is what we do best to help strategically launch your brand. Let us help build your brand from start to finish to ensure that you accurately present the right image to the right audience with the appropriate message and value proposition.



  • Define the key elements for your brand
  • Identify your target audience, and biggest opportunities
  • Create timelines for launches or promotions that are consistent with your traditional marketing mix
  • Understand your sales process and customer flow to accelerate relationship building



  • Create initial baselines from which to chart and measure your progress
  • Regular consultation to ensure your company’s growth is on pace with projections and expectations
  • Make adjustments and refine your strategy as more data becomes available



  • Create a purpose for your brand that is consistent with your overall goals and objectives
  • Develop a loyal following for your brand by providing value through information, tools and promotions
  • Leverage the emotional connection with your audience by understanding their needs, likes and desires