Product & Program Launches

Creating Your Customer Journey That Converts Strangers To Loyal Customers

While launches seem complex with many moving parts, the solution is actually quite simple. Create multiple marketing touchpoints which allow you to capture a lead, nurture them into becoming a prospect and ultimately making them a high value long term client. 

Our proven launch strategy allows you to define your ideal audience, provide value with targeted content, creating strategic touchpoints to nurture them through your customers journey.

Whether you’re trying to make your first online sale, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to scale your offer, ZigiMedia, can break down the high level marketing strategy for your launch into manageable pieces so you can plan a repeatable, predictable and profitable process.

A few of the launch strategies include:

    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Live Webinar Funnels
    • Evergreen Program Funnels
    • Challenge Promotions
    • Selling High Ticket Offers
    • Live Events & Summits

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We provide Done-For-You services that will take the burden of marketing and technology off your plate so you can focus on what you do best. We work with all your favorite online apps and have the experience, strategy, and know-how to build you a profitable digital marketing solution.

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