How many more sales could you make if you were always speaking to the warmest leads, and never spending your time speaking with people that still “need time to think about it?”

The issue is identifying which prospects are most likely to buy your product.

To improve your overall efficiency and increase sales, it is essential to understand how your company can adopt and implement intelligent lead scoring.

The top 10% of companies have already implemented and deployed similar lead scoring strategies which focuses entirely on this issue. They use CRM products like ActiveCampaign to identify and mobilize their sales and marketing efforts for maximum impact and best results.

Increase Sales by Determining Your Most Likely Buyers

Lead scoring is a process of evaluating your most likely buyers against a set of criteria that you create which represents your ideal customer. The score that is assigned dictates the type, tone, and frequency of your interaction with the prospect.

[blockquote text=”Using a well-thought-out lead scoring system helps to increase sales precision and overall effectiveness. It also enhances the impact of your marketing by allowing you to identify different buyer types in different stages of the buying process. Based on their score, the system delivers different types of messages. It also provides important insights about the channel where your best customers are coming from.” text_color=”#000000″ width=”100″ line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”yes” quote_icon_color=”#7a7a7a”]

Approximately 25% of the leads you deal with are ready to purchase, the rest are still weighing their options and considering all the relevant factors. Most salespeople waste a ton of time speaking to the wrong people that are still thinking about it.

Implementing a lead scoring strategy increases profitability because it sets a specific criteria that ensures your sales team spends the majority of its time with the 25% of the leads that are ready to buy.

The other 75% of the prospects can be nurtured along through your process using targeted and automated email communication strategically designed to warm the lead. The process can differ for different types of potential customers based on their lead score, which determines where they are in the buying process.

Personalize Content With Behavior Based Indicators

Indicators of interest may include but are not limited to frequent logins, watching a video of a product demo, filling out a form on your website or even clicking on a link in an email. Each of these actions are assigned a specific value, and when the total score eclipses the specific score that qualifies them as a warm lead, your sales team can be alerted to establish contact.

When scoring a lead in your CRM we like to assign point values for any types of action of a lead or prospect.

Things to consider:

  • Email opens
  • Email clicks
  • Email replies
  • Email forwards
  • Social media shares
  • Web page visits
  • Website sessions
  • Requests to contact
  • Downloads and form submissions
  • Free trials
  • Product demos

Marketing Automation allows Lead Scoring to happen on autopilot by tracking your users for any of the above actions in a system such as ActiveCampaign. The result is a highly effective sales pipeline that allows your salespeople and automated communication to focus on your warmest leads who are ready to buy.

Discover how lead scoring can be effectively implemented into your company’s marketing strategy by booking a free 1 on 1 consultation with one of our Marketing Automation experts.