Imagine if every day you awoke to sales piling up in your inbox…

…because your email sequence did all of the heavy lifting for you on complete autopilot.

That isn’t just the stuff of dreams.

It’s the reality for successful email marketers…and for our clients.

Email marketing remains the single, most effective way to build and nurture your customers and prospects.

In fact, you are 40 times more likely to acquire customers using email than Facebook or Twitter.

What’s more, customers are 3 times more likely to buy from you through email than social media.

So ignore the email marketing naysayers claiming, “email marketing is dead.”

Our team at ZigiMedia has had the rare opportunity to build hundreds of email marketing campaigns from the ground up for companies across many different industries.

Here’s what we have learned:

Email marketing is dead…

…if you don’t have a strategy.

But are you maximizing your sales potential with email?

Here are the three most essential components of your email marketing strategy that you should already be doing (unless you actually want to leave money on the table):

Map Your Customers On a Journey

Crafting an effective email sequence is a marathon and not a sprint. So getting customers to open your emails is only the first step of the journey.

You have to jump through a series of hoops while keeping one end goal in mind: to get customers to buy and buy some more.

Every email sequence should fulfill these main objectives:

  • Indoctrinate your subscribers so they understand and trust your brand
  • Engage readers so that they click on the links in your emails
  • Persuade them to buy
  • Re-engage customers so they come back and buy some more

Yet, you can’t expect to achieve these goals by relying on your emails to do all of the work alone.

To be effective in influencing your customers to buy, your email sequence must go beyond the inbox. The links in your emails must convert which brings us to our next point…

Create Customized Landing Pages

Nothing kills your conversions faster than sending your customers to lackluster homepages.

Whether you want readers to contact you for a free consultation, order your products, or purchase your packages – you need customized landing pages that effectively sell your offers.

That’s why creating these customized landing pages is one of the first things we do when we engage a new client.

Here’s what we also do…

Segment Your Email List

Your customers receive over 121 emails a day.

Why should you care?

Their tolerance for your emails drops by the day unless you send targeted and customizes messages. Because emails that don’t meet their needs and interests get deleted on sight.

But how do you know which emails to send to which customers?

The secret lies in segmenting your list.

Segmenting your list not only increases your sales, but it also safeguards against unsubscribe requests.

Still not convinced?

According to a recent study, 77% of email ROI came from segmented, targeted email lists.

Segmenting your list helps you to send the right offers to the right prospects, win back lost customers and upsell past customers.

All these strategies sound pretty straightforward, but each take time to think through and choose the best course of action that matches your business model.


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