All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination…Think of a ship with the complete voyage mapped out and planned. The captain and crew know exactly where the ship is going and how long it will take — it has a definite goal. And 9,999 times out of 10,000, it will get there. – Famous recording, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale.

Establishing a strategic and well-thought-out automated sales pipeline provides your organization with a precise route, a blueprint for your sales team to follow to ensure the consistent delivery of your offerings.

Implementing this strategy results in a streamlined sales process, better communication, and a system to evaluate which elements of your sales process are doing well, and where improvements can be made

Your sales team will be able to work more efficiently because they are organized better and focused on their most profitable tasks for your business.

Streamlined Sales Process

By automating every stage in your sales process, you will be able to significantly improve the overall health of your sales cycle. From lead assignments to providing sales materials to sending the contracts to closing the deal, each phase can be automated to support your sales team every step of the way.

How much business are you missing out on by not automating your sales process?

Up-sells and cross-sells can have a massive impact on the overall revenue of your business. Many businesses suffer because their sales people neglect this essential part of the sales process, simply because they are unorganized.  Sales Process Automation ensures that the perfect offers are made to the ideal prospect based on what stage of the sales process they are in.

Our experts use ActiveCampaign CRM to ensure that our clients sales teams can easily access the lead’s background information, interests, and stage of the selling process at any time.
As the prospects move through the sales cycle, their profiles are tagged and updated giving you a high level overview of all of your leads and prospects throughout your sales pipeline.

Improved Communication

Both internal and external communication is improved when you formalize and automate your sales process. Prospects receive timely and relevant information that provides value to them and increases their chances of buying your service.

At each stage of your sales process, the tone and message can help push the prospect through your funnel and achieve your desired goal.  Internal communication is also improved by sharing the extensive data collected about the prospect amongst your different team members. Contacts and records are transferred along with the client so the team member at each touch point can provide a consistent experience for your leads and prospects.

Communicating with managers is also simplified as they are able to quickly generate relevant reports to identify opportunities and gaps for both clients and staff.

Evaluate the performance of both Sales and Marketing, Understand where goals are achieved and where people are falling off.

The data provided from marketing automation allows you to pinpoint exactly where your process might be faltering. With the ability to access high level reports about your sales process, you can quickly identify where the problem is and fix it.

Keeping individuals and departments organized and accountable are key ingredients for any business to experience rapid growth.  Developing a well-thought-out strategy for your automated sales pipeline is essential for the future success of your business. It keeps you sales team organized and gives you the business owners the analytics and metrics you need to make important informed decisions that will help grow your business.

The task may seem daunting, as it requires specialized and technical knowledge but our experts are happy to help you develop and implement a winning formula for your business. Contact us for more information about how we help businesses like yours evolve and succeed in the current market place.